Renting Colombia

The main objective of Renting Colombia’s new offices project was to significantly modernize the way of working. A substantial transformation was carried out, moving from semi-open modular spaces to completely open work trains, thus encouraging collaboration between the different areas of the company.

To achieve a more contemporary and fresher environment, new textures and materials were implemented to give the offices a modern and attractive look. This aesthetic renovation helped to create a stimulating environment conducive to creativity and employee productivity.

In addition, new meeting spaces were incorporated to facilitate interaction and fluid communication among the teams. These meeting areas were designed to promote collaboration, decision-making and the exchange of ideas, thus reinforcing the sense of community and teamwork.

On the other hand, rest areas were set up, allowing employees to take breaks and briefly disconnect from work. These recreational areas contributed to the well-being and satisfaction of the team, promoting their performance and work balance.

In conclusion, Renting Colombia’s new offices project achieved a significant modernization in the work environment, facilitating collaboration, updating the aesthetics and providing functional and pleasant spaces for the well-being of employees. The company was able to adapt to current needs and strengthen its collaborative and success-oriented work culture.

  • Location Medellín
  • Area 2000 m²
  • Status Built
  • Year 2017


One of Renting’s primary goals was to promote more collaborative and open spaces, thereby fostering communication and interaction among teams. They aimed to reduce the number of closed offices for executives, prioritizing a more inclusive and transparent approach to decision-making.

Additionally, they sought to create a sense of spaciousness in the environment, cultivating a more inspiring and motivating workspace for all employees. They embraced a design that would stimulate creativity and facilitate the development of new ideas and projects.

In summary, Renting aimed to transform its spaces to cultivate a culture of collaboration, openness, and creativity in line with its goals for growth and continuous improvement. The company aimed to evolve into a more inclusive and stimulating work environment where every team member felt like an active part of the organization.

& Shape

In our approach to the Renting brand, we aimed to incorporate new textures, accents, and details in the furniture to achieve a timeless, dynamic, and modern look.

We sought to have the brand’s new image reflect a versatile and enduring style, avoiding passing trends and focusing on elements that conveyed a contemporary and current aesthetic.

To achieve this goal, we carefully selected materials and finishes that would give a distinctive and sophisticated touch to the design without compromising functionality or adaptability to future trends.

Furthermore, the accents and details in the furniture were chosen with attention to both aesthetics and practicality, ensuring that each element seamlessly integrated into the overall space.

In summary, our approach to the Renting brand was based on a proposal for timeless and modern design, allowing it to stand out in the present and endure in the future, conveying a dynamic and updated image in line with the company’s evolution and customer expectations.