Mulata represents an interesting tourist lodging project located in Medellín’s charming Provenza neighborhood. While historically hotel investment has been the predominant approach to entering the lodging sector, perspectives are evolving. Paradigms are shifting and this is where Mulata takes center stage.

In the past, the most common choice was to invest in hotel establishments. Ultimately, delegating responsibilities such as promotion and customer service to a hotel chain facilitated the process in contrast to the tasks that could be tackled by a single person.

However, this panorama is in constant transformation. Today, online platforms are emerging that offer the opportunity to rent apartments, houses, farms and other types of properties for the exclusive purpose of use during certain seasons. This change is creating an exciting alternative for investors and entrepreneurs in the sector.

Mulata, in this context, emerges as an innovative and attractive concept. Strategically located in Medelliin’s picturesque Provenza neighborhood, this project embodies a fresh and exciting perspective for those wishing to venture into the world of tourist lodging. The traditional notion of investing solely in hotels is being challenged by new opportunities, and Mulata stands as an emblematic example of this ongoing transformation.

  • Location Medellín
  • Area 1500 m²
  • Status Built
  • Year 2023


The construction of a complete short-stay accommodation complex has been completed, consisting of a total of 8 well-designed rooms. On the ground floor, all communal areas and service facilities have been skillfully arranged, while on the peaceful rooftop terrace of the building, there stands an inviting pool next to an elegant bar and a relaxing sun deck, offering the opportunity to enjoy the enviable climate of Medellín.

& Shape

We chose to imbue it with a style inspired by the charm of Southeast Asia, using a refreshing color palette based on pastel tones. We introduced meticulous details, such as ornamental lamps and wall and floor coverings, which subtly evoke the essence of this region of the world, widely recognized and appreciated by travelers from around the globe.