This corporate project is one of our favorites, as we managed to achieve a perfect balance between a modern, fun and creative atmosphere, in contrast with a serious and professional look. The careful compositions in each space, the selection of materials and the excellent distribution in a small office make this project a real reference for our company.

In these offices, we were able to capture a unique aesthetic that combines contemporary and attractive elements with a touch of formality, generating an inspiring and functional space for our clients. The resulting design reflects the company’s identity in a striking way, showing our ability to adapt to different styles and needs.

In short, this work stands out as an emblematic project that makes our company proud, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in design and customer satisfaction.

  • Location Medellín
  • Area 400 m²
  • Status Built
  • Year 2019


The client’s needs for their project encompassed several key aspects crucial for its success. Firstly, they required a welcoming reception area that conveyed a professional and warm image from the moment visitors entered the facility.

For the sales team, having an open office space that fostered collaboration and seamless communication was essential, thereby stimulating their productivity and creativity.

Additionally, they sought an open and collaborative workspace that allowed all staff to interact efficiently and dynamically share ideas.

On the other hand, they recognized the importance of providing enclosed offices for executives, ensuring privacy and concentration during critical decision-making moments.

Furthermore, a well-equipped large meeting room became an essential element for receiving clients, conducting important presentations, and holding strategic meetings.

Lastly, there was a need to incorporate suitable service spaces for staff, such as relaxation areas, a dining area, and storage spaces.

In summary, the design approach was centered on meeting these diverse needs, creating a harmonious and functional environment that reflected the client’s identity and objectives.

& Shape

When visiting Invenergy’s facilities, we were struck by the use of lime green containers in their design. From this inspiration, the idea emerged to make the meeting room the centerpiece of the architectural space, thus evoking this distinctive industrial element. Alongside the meeting room, we designed the main circulation and other spaces, each with a differentiated and unique style.

The meeting room, as the central axis, was conceived to capture the industrial essence of the containers, integrating characteristic elements into its design without sacrificing functionality or comfort. This innovative approach allows participants to feel immersed in an inspiring and attractive environment, creating a conducive atmosphere for creativity and decision-making.

Furthermore, to complement the experience, the main circulation and other spaces were designed with a unique and distinct visual identity, reflecting the various facets of the company and promoting cohesion among different sectors.

In conclusion, the project focused on harnessing the uniqueness of the lime green containers to design an exceptional meeting room while simultaneously creating a comprehensive environment that reflects Invenergy’s diversity and essence in every corner of the space.