El General Café

The design of El General Café, designed by GRUPO SINMENTE and built by ESPIRAL, stands out as a reference in the city. Its privileged location in the Manila neighborhood, a sector with a great tourist development in Medellin, gives it a strategic position. The café presents a markedly underground atmosphere, fusing vintage elements in its architecture with modern materials in a masterful way. It also stands out for its excellent implementation of biophilia, integrating natural elements that enrich each of its spaces. All this creates a unique and attractive experience for visitors.

  • Location Medellín – Manila
  • Area 230 m²
  • Status Built
  • Year 2023


The Café Bar, located on the first level of the Landmark Hotel, has been carefully designed to offer various settings to its customers. You will find an area near the facade, another one inside, and a charming space at the back of the café, with a patio that stands out for its excellent layout. Each area has been conceived to provide a unique and pleasant experience to those who visit, allowing customers to choose the ambiance that best suits their preferences and enjoy unforgettable moments in this cozy space.

& Shape

The architecture of General Café achieves a careful integration of vintage or retro elements, such as its Terrazzo tables and counters, accented with wooden details and metallic elements in a striking bright gold color. These homely touches contribute to creating a cozy atmosphere and make visitors immerse themselves in an experience where time seems to stand still.

The presence of vegetation inside the café brings a fresh ambiance and adapts perfectly to the city’s climate, becoming a significant factor in its success as a tourist destination. After the pandemic, the place has gained great popularity among tourists from all over the world seeking a unique and pleasant experience. General Café has become a coveted spot for visitors looking to enjoy its well-crafted architecture and charming ambiance amidst the city.