Casa Capiro

Capiro House is an outstanding work of architecture, the result of the collaboration between BASE TALLER and ESPIRAL in its design and construction. Its intelligent adaptation to the terrain and the one-water roofs show an exceptional technical and functional approach. In addition, the careful landscaping design and the careful selection of complementary elements contribute to generate a visually attractive experience for visitors and the family that inhabits it.

  • Location La Ceja
  • Area 400 m²
  • Status Built
  • Year 2016


The Capiro House spans three well-defined levels. On the lower level, you’ll find parking spaces and service areas. The second level houses all the service areas and the kitchen, while the social space harmoniously connects through a spacious balcony that offers a panoramic view of the landscape, as the house is situated on the highest part of the lot. Lastly, on the third level, you’ll find the bedrooms, each with its own bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, and individual balconies.

& Shape

Casa Capiro features an intriguing architectural configuration with two volumes connected by a central core that houses the entrance to the house, presenting a concrete stone texture. The volumes containing the social area and the bedrooms are arranged on three staggered levels. Landscaping plays a crucial role as a unifying element, serving as the axis that articulates the entire volumetric composition of the house.